Voidhood – Gillotine – Single Review

The Australian downtempo project Voidhood released the latest single Gillotine on the 25th.



Rumbling through the speakers as though a primal beasty of nefarious nature, Gillotine (available on bandcamp), equally evolves in to a tune of swarthy brass filled annotation and the listener finds themselves astern of a buccaneering vessel whilst simultaneously transported to a quiet and exclusive café on the Sorbonne sipping cocktails with a jazz band playing in the backdrops as a refinement to chattering voices vaguely heard in the ether as the two lifestyles collide in to a melange of polar opposites, yet the audience is not left feeling all at sea with the construct.


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Folcene – In The Summer – Single Review

The Australian downtempo project Folcene revealed the latest tune, In The Summer, on the 23rd.



There are four songs around, each of different story-line three are dappled in warm sunlight the most recent however lays in a shadow, which, for me, affords the track a more generous texturing that enables the richness of the composition a more expressive space in which to expand and develop its theme as electronica, instrumentation and vocal to fill the room with an immersive flow of melting wax in which to lay the head and allow the music to flow in to the veins filling the body with a relaxing injection, akin to a glass of alcohol raking off the sharp edges of the day.

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In the Summer – Folcene is available on iTunes.*

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Feiler – Some Time – Single Review

Feiler is a relatively new US downtempo project.

Feiler - photo credit - Noel Woodford

Feiler – photo credit – Noel Woodford

Only two songs are around, the most recent Some Time, was revealed this month.

An approaching four and two thirds minutes track of stuttering soundtrack that compacts and expands inside the rippling beat, which works surprisingly well as although the drum-loops afford the impression of buffering audio it is laid against a slowly drifting electronica and glimmering strings which create a juxtaposed calmness and luxurious texturing, while the hushed vocal whispers in the ears creating a hazy shading to the composition.

The two songs together, the other being God Knows – which appeared last month and is a glistening guitar led folk derived song of more expansive and melancholic countenance, signpost of a musician with some intriguing ideas to share and I look forward to following the development of Feiler over time.


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david shouji – Memory Lane Drift – Audio

On the 28th of April the downtempo LP in half by the Swedish musician david shouji was released.

david shouji - Memory Lane Drift

david shouji

A half a dozen track album,  available on bandcamp, of instrumentation, voice and electronica that is drawn from a personal introspective, even adding recollected samples from early material, which doesn’t however leave the listener out in the cold as the ambient flow of unflustered frequencies envelopes the room in a meditative calmness extending an invitation for the audience to contemplate their own narrative.

Memory Lane Drift is the closing song.

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the brighter the day – Polaire – Audio

The US downtempo duo the brighter the day released their début EP, Allegories, on the 24th.

the brighter the day - Allegories - artwork

the brighter the day – Allegories – artwork

The minimalist electronica and brooding vocal hangs moodily in the room and minds the listener of climbing a claggy shadowed rockface at the cold damp dawn of a misty day and best enjoyed on a day of mellow thought to allow brain and music to conjoin in wistful recollection.

Brand new out of the blocks in Allegories, a four track EP available on bandcamp, the brighter the day have staked their ground as an outfit to keep abreast of with their dour presence. My selection from the EP being the second track Polaire, which pulls piano, electronica, trumpet and percussion out of the tool box to address the brooding moment, of which there are just under six and a quarter minutes.

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