New Year Ninety 2018 – 40 to 31

Without you as the reader none of this Readers’ Selection for the New Year Ninety would be possible, thank you for taking the time out of your day to consider the musicians featured. Though you are right you didn’t get a chance to vote, it is all calculated on algorithms – 40 to 31 for 2018…

Lavender - New Year Ninety 2018


40. Краснознаменная дивизия имени моей бабушки (Red banner division named after my grandmother) (Russia)

Кики – Краснознамённая дивизия имени моей бабушки is available on iTunes.*

39. The Extons (England)

Who Am I? – Single – The Extons is available on iTunes.*

38. Kacie Thomas (USA)

37. She Pleasures Herself (Portugal)

Disposable is available on bandcamp.

36. Wrecking Horse (Australia)

35. Lavender (England)

34. The Spins (USA)

Tank’d – EP – The Spins is available on iTunes.*

33. Ryan Raiden (USA)

Painting – Single – Ryan Raiden is available on iTunes.*

32. Overjoyed (Sweden)

31. Rolling Eyes (Australia)

Rolling Eyes EP. 1 is available on Bandcamp.

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Black Bird Hum – Down – Single Review

The Australian rocksteady nonet Black Bird Hum are currently on tour in Australia until November.

Black Bird Hum

Black Bird Hum

With some fortune prior to departing they were able to find some studio time to reveal Down. There are two versions of the song around – one the radio version the other being the original which is longer by over half a minute. For reasons that are self-evident, for those who have been with the site for a while, a reggae track is never likely to be too long to my mind, alongside which this isn’t a radio station so needing to fit in to all sorts of boxes is never a consideration, resultingly I have been awaiting clearance on the full version which arrived yesterday.

A tad over four minutes song which is of the roots of the genre with its political sagacity that, whilst being remonstrable in message, never spills over to spoil the inclusiveness and warm nature of the music and perhaps why the subtle-politics and party-style typically found in the various flavours of reggae normally find favour in my ears.


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Illegal Operation – Down – Audio

The Greek delta blues quintet Illegal Operation release the LP Down on the 5th of May.

Illegal Operation - Down - CD and Vinyl

Illegal Operation – Down – CD and Vinyl

The sludgy rock oozes out of the speakers like gloopy mud and the listener gets the sense that the bass strings are so loose that they are probably also being sent through the speakers and the audience is left to revel in the squelching darkness in which they are coated.

The first track to surface from the six track album (available on bandcamp) the title and opener – Down – is a piece of music that seems to find moss on the underside of moss as the unhurried yet meticulous combinations of guitar, keys and percussion revolve inside each other, whilst bass and a superlative vocal cloud the ears.

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The Poulsons – Down – Audio

The Poulsons, an alt-rock band from England, released the LP Amplifon on the 3rd.

The Poulsons - Down

The Poulsons

It is always a pleasure to come back to the band with their signature song endings and Amplifon (which is available on bandcamp) is well worth adding to the collection. The last of the nine tracks is Down.

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