Red City Noise

From Lyon in France comes the carnage rock trio of Dorian (Vocal / Guitar / Distortion), Alex (Bass) and Ed (Guitar / Backing Vocals) who make up Red City Noise.

Red City Noise - carnage rock from France

Red City Noise

Music which hammers into the head like a snarling, rampaging polar bear is where you need to think of Red City Noise.  The music fractures planes of claws across the room and no matter how you duck and dive the hammering nails will gouge. A sublimating distortion crawls, like a limpet, across the room to clasp itself upon your head and the more it sucks the brain the more engaging it becomes.

I am minded of the apocryphal dinner parties of sipping live monkey brain as Red City Noise gorge their way across the room, devouring all before them. The scouring guitars scavenge the spaces, whilst percussion threshes the mind in an eviscerating hollowness as bass spits out fragments of bone and a defining vocal disembowels the entrails.

Red City Noise have a congruence which salves the audience for its very approbation, as they challenge and reconfigure with an unremitting industrial threshing machine that rattles around the head.

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