Gnarly Horse – Dopamine – Audio

The Canadian fuzzy-rock quartet Gnarly Horse will be releasing the EP Maybe I’m Certain on the 31st.

Gnarly Horse

Gnarly Horse

A melting pot of gloopy garage meets fiery rock in the out-put which has a raw energy coated in a calming buzz  that minds of the combustion of the sun with the bright, benign appearance belieing the intense uncontrolled furnace raging therein.

The first of the four songs – Dopamine – being my pick of the release.

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In The Whale – Highways – Audio

The US rock duo In The Whale will be releasing the, five track plus an acoustic version of one song, EP Dopamine on the 3rd of August.

In The Whale

In The Whale

The song that is on the EP as both a plugged-in and acoustic has been made available in advance of the full release. The plugged-in version of Highway (the antepenultimate track on Dopamine) is a sludgy grunge track which trudges through the room in gloopy footstep, with the listener finding themselves attempting to dive in to the puddles to wallow in the muddy riffs and sunken drum-skins.


Dopamine – EP – In the Whale is available on iTunes.*

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