New Year Ninety 2017 – 60 to 51

The Readers’ choice for the New Year Ninety – breaking in 2017 with the best emerging musicians of 2016 –  the section from 60 to 51.

King Neptune - New Year Ninety 2017

King Neptune


60. To Kill A King (England)

To Kill A King is available on Amazon.*

59. Superhumanoids (USA)

Come Say Hello – Single – Superhumanoids is available on iTunes.*

58. Shagging Ponies (Netherlands)

GREATEST tITS – Shagging Ponies is available on iTunes.*

57. Parks At Night (Canada)

Bright Red is available on Bandcamp.

56. Jesse Ruben (USA)

55. LU&CIA (Uruguay)

The Trip is available on Bandcamp.

54. King Neptune (USA)

53. Tongues Of Fire (USA)

52. Tibet (Wales)

51. The Poulsons (England)

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Southway – Don’t Be Afraid – Video

It has been a couple of years since the England based electro-rock duo Southway last featured.

Southway - The World Outside - artwork

Southway – The World Outside – artwork

Immediately recognisable by the jagged indietronica Don’t Be Afraid is the last of the eleven tracks on the LP The World Outside. The combinations of dance-beat drum machine set within rock formulation gives the track its distinctive sound as the number, in tune with the album as a whole, considers human relationships within the context of societal breakdown and resonates across much of the events occurring around world.

Having spent much of the intervening years, since last being featured, touring across Europe and Asia it is a pleasure to be able to once again take a listen to the music of Southway.

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