Domiciles – Only You – Single Review

The Scottish psychedelic-rock quintet Domiciles released the single Only You on the 29th of September.

Domiciles - Only You


Though lasting a smidgen under six minutes the effects of Only You lay with the listener for some considerable time after the event with the synapses having slowed to syncopate with the trippy washes of the echoing guitar and finding little reason to fire back to normal speed in a hurry.

Domiciles are able to immerse themselves and the listener completely in ’60s and ’70s hallucinogenic-rock without sounding out of kilter with the ’10s with their music embracing both the past and the present.

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Domiciles – Common Language – Single Review

The Scottish psychedelia quintet Domiciles release the single Common Language on the 26th.



Infrequently revealing new recorded music with this a follow-up to the early 2017 single Nothing’s Ever Changed in the Whole Time That I’ve Been Here, Common Language, makes a welcome entrance back to the world whilst inviting the listener to accept a cup of unknown strength psilocybin mushroom tea, which is tentatively held to the lips to allow the heady hallucinations to be ingested.

The audience discovers themselves disappearing in to a mole tunnel of fluted light and pure blackout – yet surfacing a smidgen under four and two thirds of a minutes later sloughed of the introversion of the daily grind of life – akin to a spring lamb frolicking in joie de vivre and equally ready to bounce back in to action.

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