Dom Sith – Statement – Audio

Dom Sith is the English minimalist-electronica solo project for Dom Smith, to express some thoughts in musical context.

Dom Sith

Dom Sith

Operating under a number of monikers, Dom Smith also promotes other musicians, regularly writes and contributes to music media and has another musical identity, along with promoting and supporting opportunities for those with disabilities, when he isn’t focused on music.

Necessarily sometimes there is a need to express the darker moods and in Dom Sith, has that vehicle. The latest track to surface being – Statement.

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stickybackplastics. from York in England is the blues rock trio of Heather Niven (Vocals), Roz Walker (Guitar / Backing Vocals) and Dom Smith (drums).

stickybackplastics. - blues rock from England


Slowing down the pace of the day stickybackplastics. comport themselves with steadfast confidence and you know what – it works. The trio inveigle the sounds with draughts of whisky that warm the bloodstream in a comforting familiarity as the music temporizes the listener in a beguiling stream of notes.

The unhurried tracks are given plenty of room to develop allowing room for the listener to nestle in comfort as stickybackplastics. temper the underlying activity to provide music which has an elegance of delivery. Experienced creators have taken their visual artistry to convert the thoughts to an aural connection and their début eponymous three track single affords an extravagance of of subliminal connectivity.

There is much to enjoy in the sounds of stickybackplastics. at a moment of quiet reflection, as they take a genre much travelled and are able to inject some considerable added value.

Despite the lack of full-time bass, they nonetheless play with the lower registers of sound, which you well know is a predilection of mine. I can only image how much stronger they would be for the addition of a fourth member who specialises in four strings.

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