Breeze is the alt-rock quartet of Aron Gilbey (Vocals / Guitar), Dom Hepworth (Guitar / Backing Vocals), Adam Frost (Bass) and Joe Gray (Drums / Backing Vocals) from Kingston Upon Hull in England.

Breeze - alt-rock from England


Merging rock-a-billy and shoegaze Breeze deliver a refreshing perspective of material. Guitars are given range to slide up and down the fret-board with disparities of glazy effects, whilst the bass pulls on the reigns, keeping the glittering shimmers of sound in check and the drum-kit keeps it all moving forward. An intriguingly expressive half-spoken vocal gives the material a fulcrum around which to pivot and the audience is left with compositions which captivate the attention.

Formed towards the end of 2013 a three track single surfaced last year – Post Youth – which I particularly enjoy for the direct connection. Interestingly Breeze are more enamoured with their latest one track single, released on the 3rd of this month, Same Wave which to paraphrase has more time spent on post production and polishing, so perhaps it is of little surprise to those who are of longer readership to find I prefer the more direct sounds of earlier material.

Establishing a regular live performance roster I look forward to hearing more by Breeze.

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Both releases are available on bandcamp.

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