Dolan Tymas – Flamingo Beach – Audio

The Italian contemplaive lo-fi creator Dolan Tymas released his eponymous début LP on the 21st.

Dolan Tymas

Dolan Tymas

An interesting release, well worth getting to know, containing a collection of fourteen tracks which lasts for just over half an hour.

One could spend much time contemplating whether there is an accidentally missing ‘h’ in the name or is the missing letter anagram of the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas merely a teaser. However there is a distinct relationship between the foreboding of the poet and the angst riven material of Dolan Tymas that necessarily draws reference. Perhaps it is the succinctness of the musical compositions set against the expansionism of the poet which accounts for that elusive consonant.

From the second track of the LP (available on bandcamp) is Flamingo Beach, a track which lasts less then two minutes, but contains much turmoil.

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