Sofi Lofi

Split between Oslo (Norway) and Berlin (Germany) – Mette Sofie (Guitar / Vocals), Christian Næss (Drums), Kenneth Amundsen (Guitar) and Lene Vinje (Bass) form the purple-blues band Sofi Lofi.

Sofi Lofi - Photo by Ketil Hardy

Sofi Lofi – Photo by Ketil Hardy

Tempting the audience to accompany them into their lair there is an enticing fetishism about Sofi Lofi that promises of velvet ties and extended foreplay, which they provide in writhing ecstasies of sound.

The blurry guitars nibble the ears as the pulsating percussion massages the neck and the throbbing bass cradles the body whilst the desirous vocal blows steamy licks across the eyelids.

A gradually evolving side project Sofi Lofi have this year decided to break surface, after a teaser at the end of 2015, in earnest and the welcome addition of their début eight track LP Buried (available on bandcamp) is, one can only hope, a forerunner of more to come.

The engagement of the dark mossy dampeners of bass with the fluidity of the two guitars alongside the voyeuristic percussion and seductive vocal makes Sofi Lofi a project in evolution one that already has much to add to the world of music and I look forward to more to come.

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