Cosmos Creature

Cosmos Creature originally from Coffs Harbour in Australia is the solo project of Mitch Reynolds.

Cosmos Creature - free form music from Australia

Cosmos Creature

The bassy notes gently rumble the speakers as Cosmos Creature reflects on the turmoil of life. The slowly paced tracks are filled with brooding eddies which wander round the room in extended strides. The continual echo gives the music an other-worldly feel, which combines with the spectral vocal to provide an unexpected free form of sound.

Given the style of delivery, the tracks which are not overly long slow down the watch and time is extended exponentially in the mind of the listener. Influences from Jazz, which normally has me curled up in a ball clutching my head, are combined with references to ’70s progressive rock and what Cosmos Creature is able to do is to avoid those two influences becoming a self-absorbed obsession, rather giving the style considerable panache.

There has been considerable development in the compositions and delivery between the first LP – At A Glance and the most recent release – the five track EP – Distant Lands, which came out this month – as more instrumentation is added, giving the resulting out-put a stronger presence.

Relatively new on the scene and still finding his feet, I look forward to hearing more from Mitch through Cosmos Creature over the coming year or so.

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