New Year Ninety 2017 – 70 to 61

Without you as a reader the site wouldn’t exist. Thank you and I hope you continue to find more bands of interest during the rest of 2017, many of whom to be featured haven’t yet formed.

The New Year Ninety from 70 – 61.

Shah - New Year Ninety 2017


70. Rumours (Australia)

The View From Here – EP – Rumours is available on iTunes.*

69. Shah (Canada)

Don’t Do It Mandela – Shah is available on iTunes.*

68. Dishy Tangent (England)

67. Soul Alliance (USA)

Critical Phases (EP) – Soul Alliance is available on iTunes.*

66. The Deadheads (USA)

Holy Smokes is available on bandcamp

65. Bandintexas (Australia)

The ABCD-EP – Bandintexas is available on iTunes.*

64. The Young Step (USA)

El Clásico – The Young Step is available on iTunes.*

63. The Falling (England)

Just So You Know is available on bandcamp

62. Izzy (USA)

61. Cave Wars (England)

Cave Wars is available on bandcamp

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Dishy Tangent – Monster – Single Review

Dishy Tangent is an indie-light quartet from England.

Dishy Tangent

Dishy Tangent

Their latest track – Monster – whilst tripping around the room – twirling the listener to an anaesthetised ‘good time’ in combinations of light fingered guitar and insistent beat – has an undertow of issues surrounding alcohol abuse.

Unashamed of their positioning as being designed for the mainstream – from time to time – the polar positions of this site and the plastic veneer of ‘are the chords right for radio play’ we meet on the bridge – and Monster by Dishy Tangent is one of those moments.


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