Dirty Sound Magnet – Homo Economicus – Video

The Swiss psychedelic-rock band Dirty Sound Magnet release the LP Western Lies on the 12th of May.

Dirty Sound Magnet - Western Lies - artwork

Dirty Sound Magnet – Western Lies – artwork

Rather than taking the listener on a gentle glass-eyed ride, Dirty Sound Magnet are a band who are politically charged – and that of course is one reason why I enjoy their output, along with the quality of the work – as they cast wary eye on the world around and the listener feels they are on some sort of a nightmare of a trip as the dystopian template spins around the head.

From the twelve track album – Homo Economicus – which is the fourth.

Western Lies – Dirty Sound Magnet is available on iTunes.*

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Dirty Sound Magnet – Western Lie – Video

Dirty Sound Magnet is a psychedelic-rock band from Switzerland.

Dirty Sound Magnet

Dirty Sound Magnet

Pondering when would be appropriate moment to wear that tie-dyed kaftan? Dirty Sound Magnet provide the answer.

Word arrives that they are putting final touches to a new LP and the first track to surface from the forthcoming release is the title – Western Lie.

Four minutes of echoing delay spirals around the room leaving the listener counting the number of dragons that are dancing across the ceiling and wondering why they are all hallucinogenic purple.

I will come back to Dirty Sound Magnet in due course – for now I am off to contemplate writing a thesis on the energy of consciousness once I have finished eating this loaf of buttered toast and marmite.


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