Loyal Lobos – Dirt – Single Review

Loyal Lobos is the US based project of the Colombian melancholic-rock creator Andrea Silva.

Loyal Lobos

Loyal Lobos

Prior to going anywhere near the output of Loyal Lobos do ensure you have a handkerchief to hand to wipe away the tears which will spill from the eyes.

The most recent track to surface – Dirt – commences with spaced notes of guitar which is soon cloaked by a slow-stepping and loosely sprung snare drum that instantly provides a sad countenance to the track, prior to the accompaniment of the fragile, breaking, vocal before gradually building in to a wash of intensity that ebbs and flows through a composition which contemplates of the nature of destructive relationships that, by their very nature, predominately consist of short rising highs that are immediately followed by lengthy deep troughs of despair prior to finally and inevitably collapsing in to self-extirpation.

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The Controversy – Dirt – Video

The US dark-wave outfit The Controversy released the single Dirt on the 17th.

The Controversy - Dirt - artwork

The Controversy – Dirt – artwork

Their music is always a pleasure to return to, with its dark gothic architecture from which the drifting vocal appears like an apparition with Dirt (available on bandcamp) being no exception in a track which is of even more brooding foundation than much of which has come previously, to which they add a touch of byzantine dome.

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Sugarmen – Plastic Ocean – Single Review

The English Indie quartet Sugarmen released the single Plastic Ocean on the 4th.

Sugarmen - Plastic Ocean - artwork

Sugarmen – Plastic Ocean – artwork

Following on from the single Dirt which served as an introduction so Sugarmen earlier this year, Plastic Ocean has a more solid feel to it as the quartet combine psychedelic meanderings with indie rock to deliver a track that contains both intriguing eddies to explore and music that has the body swaying in enthused response.

Rather than packing Plastic Ocean with layers of complication Sugarmen strip away the excess fat leaving the audience with a track, that is easy to engage with whilst serving lavish melodies, that fills the room with a sense that all is well in the world of music as long as the quartet are creating songs.

Having spent the much of this year establishing themselves as a band to get to see live, Plastic Ocean will add weight to their attracting wider audiences and if Sugarmen build on the momentum, should see them gain significant traction in 2016.

Plastic Ocean – Single – Sugarmen is available on iTunes.*

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