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Someday I Will Miss You is the dream-electronica Croatian solo project of Dino Pavlov.

Someday I Will Miss You - Angels Might Be Late

Someday I Will Miss You

Surfacing yesterday is the latest track – Angels Might be Late.

Unhurriedly brushing gently from the speakers Angels Might be Late is a track of less angularity than those featured over the past year by Someday I Will Miss You – as the opening percussion, whilst ever attunable, becomes subsumed within the electronica and blurry vocals, allowing the music to gently ebb and flow around the ears, in a number that finds the listener more relaxed and finally become recumbent as the four and almost one half minutes drift hypnotically through the body.

The only sadness I have of the material by Someday I Will Miss You is that there is a tendency to release individual tracks whilst the style is more suited to an extended LP of an hour or so of mind-massage, which I look forward to ingesting in due course.

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Someday I Will Miss You

Someday I Will Miss You is the solo performer of dream-electronica – Dino Pavlov from Karlovac in Croatia.

Someday I Will Miss You - dream-electronica from Croatia

Someday I Will Miss You

Uniting synth keys, technology, guitar and vocal Someday I Will Miss You provides a wash of immersive sounds in which to slow down the mind. The abundance of components are presented as a seamless flow of gently moving parts which stretch time.

Still in the embryonic stage Someday I Will Miss you has been creating sounds of measured pensiveness for about a year and is in the process of forming a live performance unit along with plans for an EP early next year.

It is the dark mutations of sound that give the music its interest. The combinations of echoed vocal with the brooding atmospherics of the synths with gazy guitar and computer generated noises-off coalesce into cohesive well paced haunting compositions into which you feel yourself drifting.

I look forward to hearing how Someday I Will Miss You progress over the next year or so.

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