( the brackets ) – Nothing To Write Home About – LP Review

A few hours ago the English alt-wave quartet ( the brackets ) made the LP Nothing To Write Home About available for wider consumption.

( the brackets )

( the brackets )

Intro serves as it suggests on the tin, time for the audience to adjust to the ensuing chromatic.

Different Kind harries the listener into the corner of the room with energetic brush strokes that flick the dust into the air as the compressed bristles launch themselves at the unwary.

Next is Matchmaker which offers undulating contemplative introspective snarling bass, whilst a gossamer thread of guitar peaks into the foray of the confrontational percussion as a blank stare of vocal spills in to the room, in a track that summates the angst of ( the brackets ) as they describe the world in which they live.

Opening the second half of Nothing To Write Home About is This Could Be You which from out of nowhere finds the quartet in moment of sprightly footstep and my pick of the release with its bouncing coils, even perhaps jocular frieze and the listener finds themselves aware of the lyrical diatribe, whilst cognisant their feet are not staying still. My pick of the release.

Don’t Think About It opens with a gnawing itch before developing into an angular symmetry of maths-rock silos which suits with perspicacity the sliced thoughts of the LP in a number that hammers loudly on the door.

The conclusion – and the title track opens with a flattened vocal that tempts one to ponder – you are right ( the brackets ) though – before those ideas are crystallised – scimitars of minor key guitar spreads their wings around the room like a bat fluttering in a cave defending the colony and the LP comes into to perfect context.

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