Destrends – Blackout – Audio

The Australian new-wave trio Destrends are planning to release the LP Lousy Lover towards the end of March.

Destrends - Blackout


First introduced in 2015, Destrends, have always been a trio to clear out the eardrums and Blackout is of similar vein.

A combination of instrumentation and guitar bursts through the speakers, prior to the distinctive vocal joining in, resultingly, dispersing the knots of introduction and creating spaces allowing Blackout to fill the room with their gothic architecture in a just under four and a half minutes track that highlights, once again Destrends is a band possessing considerable song-writing and delivery capability.

On the basis of Blackout, Lousy Lover, will be an EP to add to the collection.

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Destrends – Papa – Single Review

The Australian new-wave trio Destrends release the single Papa on the 15th of July.

Destrends - Photo by Trace Mclean

Destrends – Photo by Trace Mclean

With a more compacted sound than tracks previously featured, in Papa, Destrends are still able to incite the audience join the track in a pogo. The throbbing bass / percussion combinations are split by distorted guitar as the singular vocal splices the ears.

The just under three and three quarter minutes track has the sense of pent-up frustration which is expressed by the dank brooding tempo and stomping feet which pulses through the foundations leaving windows rattling and listener calling for more.

Destrends are a band with much to say and the ability to express it in their audience engaging compositions and I look forward to hearing their next release.

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Destrends – My Friend – Video

Destrends is a new-wave trio from Australia I will come back to in full when there is more to hear.

Destrends - My Friend - artwork

Destrends – My Friend – artwork

The only sadness about My Friend is that this is the only song I have been able to hear by Destrends, though word arrives of a follow-up track in a short while and their début EP later in the year. With mention that the vocal reminds me of Dave Vanian, there is little more I can add about the track…. Of further joy – no matter how long you leave this on loop you will still want to be pogoing to it until you collapse from lack of energy.

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