Fictonian – Mrs Jones – Video

The English reflective-rock solo project Fictonian is set to release the LP Desire Lines on the 13th of November.



The eighth of the eleven tracks on Desire LinesMrs Jones, brings together synths and keys that provide contrasting hues of shadow through the approaching four minutes composition.

Fictonian carefully harnesses instruments and vocals with each of the other elements, whilst they are given relevant moment, equally they become subsumed in the luscious textures of sound that drift mesmerically around the room.

Mrs Jones is allowed the space to unhurriedly evolve without overstaying welcome and the listener finds themselves invested in the hushed sounds that softly intertwine, making the abrupt ending even more remarkable as it leaves the audience somewhat discombobulated by the sharpness of the silence that suddenly fills the ears.


Desire Lines – Fictonian is available on iTunes.*

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