The Motel Beds

The Motel Beds from Dayton in the USA is the garage rock quartet of PJ, Tommy, Derl, Ian and Tod.

The Motel Beds - Garage Rock from the USA

The Motel Beds

Taking British Blues Rock references and adding dashes of Americana The Motel Beds deliver a sound which has a hint of psychedelia inside the rock formulations, giving the music a shimmering cross border appeal.

Relatively well established The Motel Beds have developed the ability to add flourishes to the basic constructs, without heading off into tangents unknown. There is something easy to extract from the compositions, whilst equally, for more cerebral moments there is plenty to keep the head busy. The deft way the quartet put together the music, gives the audience a sense of spaciousness as the notes unhurriedly float past the ears.

There is an instant recognizability to the songs, but The Motel Beds are able to create a space of difference which gives the band the potential to spread their wings across wide genres of listeners.

Not seeking to reinvent the wheel, the quartet nonetheless have something of value to the world of music and although not a collection I will be adding on to my everyday playlist – I can find this fitting into the more considered moments of calmness, where they have an immediate connection.


These Are the Days Gone By (Remastered) – Motel Beds is available on iTunes*

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