The Blood Choir – The Boat – Audio

The Blood Choir a Denmark / England based architectural-rock duo release the LP Houses Of The Sun on the 18th of June.

The Blood Choir

The Blood Choir

A couple of songs have surfaced from the album (available on bandcamp) the most recent of which The Boat , which will be the third of the ten compositions, is scheduled for release as a stand alone single today (also available on bandcamp).

Houses Of The Sun makes a welcome follow-up to the 2012 LP No Windows To The Old World, having, on the basis of the two songs, a similar dark shadowing that seeps in to the room along with  wide surface area to the material, though with an occluded front of electronica which creates a sense of turbulence and hidden menace.

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Parzival – Urheimat – Video

The Denmark based neo-classical-metal quintet Parzival – originating from Denmark and Russia – release the LP Urheimat Neugeburt on the 16th of March.

Parzival - Photo by Maiken Kildegaard

Parzival – Photo by Maiken Kildegaard

Deeply rooted in Russian and Danish folklore the nine track album is a rich blend of mutilayered instrumentation and distinctive vocal of foreboding intensity which encases the room in a brooding, bewitching, oppressive atmosphere from which the listener has no desire to escape.

The first of the nine tracks is Urheimat.

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Tainted Lady – Song of Reckoning – Video

The Denmark based heavy-metal quintet Tainted Lady released their début LP How The Mighty Have Fallen on the 26th.

Tainted Lady - photo credit - Peter Langwithz Smith

Tainted Lady – photo credit – Peter Langwithz Smith

Rummage for that faded leather jacket, select your preferred air-guitar, strike your pose and then hit play.

The fourth of the ten tracks Song Of Reckoning hammers out of the speakers like a cork firing out of a warm and shaken bottle of champagne as the bubbles sprays all around, prior to settling down to an impressive display of power melody.


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