Dems – Gold – Video

The English indie-synth trio Dems are planning a series of singles over the coming months.

Dems - Gold


The first of which is Gold.

The collection of singles question the sustainability of London (England) as home location for emerging musicians, with venues and practice spaces closing to become Investment flats for the wealthy speculator.

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Dems – Muscle Memory – Video

The English band Dems are set to release their début LP Muscle Memory on the 14th October.

Dems - Muscle Memory

Dems – Muscle Memory

From a session recorded earlier this year by Sofar Sounds, as part of their video a day series on youtube, whilst Dems were at SXSW – a live version of the title track.

More by Dems.

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Dems – Got No Brains – Video

Dems from England have been locked away in the studio for a while completing their début LP.

Dems - Got No Brains - Artwork

Dems – Got No Brains – Artwork

The first track to appear, which will be made available as a single on the 14th of August through Bad Life Recordings is Got No Brains.

You can often tell the day I am writing articles by the tone of the music and late on Sunday morning, this suits perfectly the mood of the moment and that is the beauty of music, there are frequently times when pieces slot perfectly into place.


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