Déjà Vega – Friends In High Places – Single Review

The English psychedelic-rock trio Déjà Vega released the single Friends In High Places yesterday.

Déjà Vega - Friends In High Places - artwork

Déjà Vega – Friends In High Places – artwork

Déjà Vega have the knack of delivering a sound which sounds simultaneously vice-like and loosely tied and Friends In High Places once again displays this mastery.

Compressed cohesive pulses pile out of the speakers prior to the guitar gradually peeling away in to reverbs, delays and echoes and bass slows perceptibly whilst percussion maintains the momentum giving Friends in High Places its multi-dimensional effect from which vocal peers briefly on occasions as though urgently delivering missives.

Déjà Vega have invested in the release a more resonating punchy bass and as regular readers will know a bass that causes the ears to bleed is always my preference of how to hear the instrument.

Another blinder of a track by the trio that once again appears to pack more into its just over three and a half minute running time than there are seconds in the song.

Friends In High Places – Single – Déjà Vega is available on iTunes.*

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Déjà Vega – Eyes Of Steel – Video

The English psychedelic-rock trio Déjà Vega are busy creating new songs behind the scenes.

Déjà Vega - Eyes Of Steel

Déjà Vega

Although not regularly featured it is always a delight to come back to Déjà Vega who always remind me of a run out with Hawkwind and even more so in the recent track Eyes Of Steel, which was captured as a rough demo in the studio.

The omnipresent percussion sets the scene and the bass picks out a droning mastery that you don’t want to ever end, while the guitar threads twisting echoes and reverb that gives Eyes Of Steel its trippy presence as the vocal lays as part of the weave of the music becoming part of the fabric and not a spotlight on which to focus.

Alongside this song are another two new compositions – I wonder if this signals a new release waiting in the wings. I will keep you up to date with news as and when possible.

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Déjà Vega – Skeletons In The Florist – Video

It was in May of last year that the English psychedelic-rock band Déjà Vega last featured.

Déjà Vega - Skeletons In The Florist

Déjà Vega

Having spent time developing their sound rather than rushing out material Déjà Vega make a welcome return with Skeletons In The Florist.

A slight shift in emphasis to heavier echo in the guitar and marginal decrease in tempo has given the Déjà Vega a whole new dimension of sound as the trio deliver just under three and a half minutes of music that fills the room with wafts of mellowing smoke. Whilst there is a relaxed spaciousness to the six stringer, the bass and percussion furiously push forward the track with a clarity that superbly shines the spotlight on the guitar, as the vocal drifts in and out of focus.

Although Skeletons In The Florist has a dreamlike quality, Déjà Vega shock the listener out of their reverie with crashing bridges which suddenly stir unexpectedly, giving the whole track a sense of the menacing, before concluding as quickly as arrived, leaving the listener more intrigued than they were on first alighted upon, resulting in an immediate replay.

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Déjà Vega

Déjà Vega from Cheshire in England is the alt-rock trio of J. Fearon, M. Newton and T. Webster.

Déjà Vega - alt-rock from England

Déjà Vega

Brace yourself for a driving bass / percussion combination – need I say more – there is very little chance that I won’t like it, add to which a guitar that darts it’s way through tracks as tight as a cheese wire.  Lengthy tracks are interspersed with vocal as Déjà Vega deliver sounds you just want to hear over and over again.

Having emerged from the ashes of another iteration less than a year ago Déjà Vega have hurled themselves into the world of music with confidence and the abilities to match it, as they get down to writing an ever increasing song-list, whilst building up a live audience. The mesmeric relentless driving beat is broken by flashing guitars which scythe their way through the landscape like the guillotine working its way through the French Monarchists.

I hope more of the tracks come to light for the audience who can’t get to see the band live in short order, other than the handful currently around and though I haven’t even heard rumours of an EP being even thought about – I recommend getting hold of it when the trio get round to it.

The section between three minutes five seconds and five seconds later in the video below – is enough to convince me of Déjà Vega as I am taken back to Continent by The Danse Society.

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