Saint Cole / Oliver Kucera – The Shaman – Audio

The collaborative musicians of Oliver Kucera from Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Saint Cole from Leeds (England) released the deep house two track single The Shaman yesterday.

Oliver Kucera

Oliver Kucera

There is a reason I implore of readers to suggest they are wasting their time as they are not listening to music merely noise who listen to the music featured on the site using the tinny squeaks of anything other than a full speaker system (unless they are in a geo-political location where there are no viable alternative options) and this is a prime example of why having at least five speakers is essential.

Saint Cole - The Shaman

Saint Cole

Turn up the volume and the sub-woofers to feel the windows, walls and floor buckle and bend to the intoxicating flow of the title track and opener The Shaman (available on bandcamp) while the mind and body flows in to the beat of the rhythm whilst drifting in to a trance of primordial synchronicity.

Oliver Kucerasocial media page

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Kuroshi – Lock N Load – Single Review

The Australian deep-house project Kuroshi released the single Lock N Load yesterday.



It is rare that EDM producers create music which is as redolent with vitriol towards a system that oppresses the masses for the enjoyment of the few or as socially aware, therefore of course I am going to suggest spending time in company.

Following on from last years EP Dark Drive, Lock N Load further develops the theme of the five songs of angry protestation with a song that has an even darker and more overbearing presence, while once again creating music which sits well under flashing neon strobes.

social media page

Lock N Load – Kuroshi is available on iTunes.*

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Plastic Dog – Ones and Zeros (Original Mix) – Audio

From New Zealand – Adrian Nesbitt – aka Plastic Dog has released a new three track deep house EP – Distorted Ways through the Israeli label Electro Labs.

Plastic Dog -  Distorted Ways artwork

Plastic Dog – Distorted Ways artwork

Here is – Ones and Zeros – track two of the EP and as it is 22:33 on a Sunday evening where I am, as this is being published, what better way to finish off the weekend?

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