Fleshless – Expelled – Audio

The quartet of Vladimir (Vocals), Michal (Guitar), Luděk (Guitar) and Vitys (Drums) who form the death metal band Fleshless, from Děčín (Czech Republic), released the LP Doomed on the 15th.

Fleshless - Photo by Rafal Kotylak
Fleshless – Photo by Rafal Kotylak

An eleven track album (available on bandcamp) which finds a point of differentiation in a crowded genre by paring back the growling vocal from the spotlight to the footlights which enables the interplay of frenetic percussion to interplay with the foiling guitars to take centre stage thereby giving the music a more balanced and expressive foothold.

The fifth track is Expelled.


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Here Stands A Hero – I Am Death – Video

The Belgian death-metal quintet Here Stands A Hero release the LP ATHEIST \\ OMNIST on the 20th.

Here Stands A Hero - photo credit - Basile Rabaey

Here Stands A Hero – photo credit – Basile Rabaey

I Am Death opens with bass strings so loose that it is possible to feel the twang of the steel springs through the speakers – meaning there is little likelihood I could pass by the first song to surface from the album without suggesting spending time in their company.


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Crypt – BTK – Audio

The Australian death-metal quartet Crypt released the two track eponymous single on the 29th of September.



For those who are scratching their heads as to which Crypt this would be – this is the band which disbanded in early 2000 and reformed in 2016 just now revealing their first new music since the 1998 LP El-Niño – the difference being David Allen is now no longer on bass or in the band with Cliff Young now playing bass rather than drums and Allen Bennet joining the line-up to take over on the drum-kit whilst Nathan Pilch and Grant Martin remain exactly as was with guitar and vocal respectively.

The single is available on bandcamp, your only requirement is to clear a moshpit – the opener BTK.

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The Petulant – My Caesar – Video

The Danish death-metal quartet The Petulant release the LP Dictum next month.

The Petulant

The Petulant

Grinding across the room like a bad tempered bear My Ceasar, the first reveal from the forthcoming album, has a dark foreboding presence that casts long shadows over the listener. The Petulant don’t hurry the composition leaving the growling guitar and vocal combinations room to slowly unfurl the doom-laden countenance.

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Repulsive Vision – Premature Burial – Video

The English death-metal quartet Repulsive Vision release their début LP Look Past The Gore And See The Art on the 31st.

Repulsive Vision

Repulsive Vision

Despite considerable longevity and decent profile in the metal circuit, they have thus far not got round to releasing an album and Look Past The Gore And See The Art will be a welcome reveal for both longstanding and new audiences alike.

From the forthcoming album – Premature Burial – (previously released on the Hammer Smashed Faith II Compilation LP) which although it only lasts for just around two and a half minutes, leaves the ears ringing in some pleasure long after completion.

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