Trunkweed – Trunkweed Live, Man – LP Review

Sitting in my inbox for a little while, apologies for the delay of this review of the US fuzz-rock ensemble Trunkweeds’ new seven track LP – Trunkweed Live, Man which came out on the 14th.

Trunkweed - Trunkweek Live, Man - artwork

Trunkweed – Trunkweek Live, Man – artwork

On Your Own opens the album and I just know this article is going to take a while to write as I find myself bouncing around the room with no interest in the keyboard as the infectious boisterous enthusiasm of the trio injects itself immediately into the listener in just under three minutes of pure bliss.

Changing mood and moment follows Youth Society, which finds Trunkweed exploring a more melodic style, though don’t expect to find a symphony to accompany the lo-fi garage rock, which remains subsumed behind pacey distortion.

Next up is Chumped that pulls in a powerful bass and percussion that ploughs its way into the limbs and if you are still seated by this point in the LP, you are listening to the wrong version of Trunkweed Live, Man.

Marking the half-way stage is the longest track, that trips for just over four minutes Acid At Sixteen which much like the title suggests finds the trio at a slower pace and allows for time to mop a profusely perspiring brow. The track is of different texture to what has preceded as Trunkweed allows the guitar to become the shoegazey showcase of the composition.

Opening the second half of Trunkweed Live, Man is Daze Of Haze, which raises the tempo again, though retains the more psychedelic feel of the preceding track.

Waves…Wait What? is my pick of the release as Trunkweed highlight a clear-cut drum on a tight skin along with, unusually, only half distorted instrumentation whilst the voices remains just out of reach, giving them the opportunity to invest the track with a fascinating range of texture.

Closing out the LP which to put it simply, isn’t long enough and results in another play-through immediately, is the track used to introduce the band earlier this year – Death After Life.

Trunkweed Live, Man is available on bandcamp and an LP to add to your collection.

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TrunkWeed from Baltimore in the USA is the fuzz-rock trio of Kyle Phass (Drums), Tucker Neil (Bass) and Brady Kelly (Vocals / Guitar / Synth).

TrunkWeed - Fuzz Rock from the USA

TrunkWeed – Fuzz Rock from the USA

TrunkWeed deliver sounds that hark of open spaces and the listener can imagine themselves at a beach looking out to a hazy horizon as the trio combine reverb, echo, delay and fuzz. The percussion bounces around like a playful puppy whilst the bass maintains a steer as the guitars fluidly eases its way between sharp spikes of notes to mesmeric elongation to which the vocal strives to – nay successfully provides the cohesion. The light touches of synths affords the out-put its dreamy quality that finds the brain melting into the material.

The audience can listen whilst laying back on the lounger or get up and flail arms and body around and either way TrunkWeed provides music which adds to the joy of living.

Newly formed, TrunkWeed have made a great start with performances that belie the age of the band and it is of little surprise they are establishing a presence in the live circuit added to which they have made recordings available for those of us who don’t get the opportunity to see them on stage.

I look forward to keeping track of their development and future releases, which I am led to believe includes a live LP – one track of which I have had the opportunity to hear. I would not be surprised to find that a fourth player be added to the line-up as the synths give TrunkWeed an added dimension which with only the three is difficult to replicate on stage with only six arms available.

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