Deaf Chonky – Frontline – Video

The Israeli new-wave duo Deaf Chonky are set to release the EP Silence Is Violence imminently.

Deaf Chonky - Frontline

Deaf Chonky

As is fairly typical of this site, as you will know being a regular reader, the interest is in the genuine sound rather the the ironed out processes of the technicalities of mastering and – as raw as it comes – a live version – on its first public outing Frontline – replete with camera shake – misplaced lyric and unintended chord change –

…music as it should be heard…

all the no-nos those ‘more wise’ advise to avoid expressing to the wider world.

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Band Of The Month – August 2016 – Editors’ Choice

Another month draws to a close and time for the Editors’ Choice for Band Of The Month for August.

Deaf Chonky - Band Of The Month - August 2016

Deaf Chonky

From Israel – Deaf Chonky.

FARSH is available on bandcamp.

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Deaf Chonky – Shirley – Video

The Israeli new-wave duo Deaf Chonky release the LP FARSH on the 30th.

Deaf Chonky

Deaf Chonky

From the forthcoming LP, Shirley, is the first track and with little doubt FARSH will be an LP to grab hold of on release.

The sinews of flexed biceps pummel through the speakers as Deaf Chonky deliver a track that bristles with indignation at a world of political fights from the last Century which are destroying prospects of a cohesion in the region, longed for by the generation who will have to deal, yet again, with the consequences of bloated bellies and wallets of historical blinkered geo-political flag waving.

Adi Bronicki and Tamka Minsky have only within the past year got together to form Deaf Chonky – a play on the Russian word девочки (Girls) – yet have already been able to put out a blistering début six track LP MOSTLY FARSH (available on bandcamp) and judging by Shirley, FARSH will be a blinder too.

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