Deadcuts from London in England is the alt-rock quartet of Mark Keds (Vocals / Guitar), Jerome Alexandre  (Vocals / Guitar), Trevor Sharpe (Drums) and Mark McCarthy (Bass).

Deadcuts - alt-rock from England


What better way to start a Sunday (as I write) than listening to music emerging from a crypt. Deadcuts combine fuzz and gloom to create sounds which coat the room in a blanket you just don’t want to leave. Well written material rebounds with echoing guitars which lean across each other, giving the sounds a sense of being touchable, whilst bass and percussion loom behind, giving the tracks their oppressive atmosphere. Vocals are delivered as-though from another dimension.

These are experienced and talented musicians who are able to portray, sonically, impressively encapsulating imagery and deliver music that is best taken in large doses. Reference points from standard bearers of the darker side of rock of decades gone by are clearly identified, but Deadcuts do not fall in to the trap of trying to recreate the past, rather bring a 21st century dimension to the compositions.

A couple of years behind them the quartet are developing a strong local following and establishing a profile, it would be deserved if 2014 found Deadcuts making larger strides and I look forward to hearing more.


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