Dead Replicas – OH – Audio

The English brooding-rock trio Dead Replicas have surfaced with a couple of new tracks in the past week.

Dead Replicas - OH

Dead Replicas

The dark spires of sound that enclose the listener in OH have a menacing presence as the industrial template unrelentingly pounds through the ears. A partially hidden vocal counter-intuitively provides the song with even greater sense of overbearing due entirely to its disembodied appearance.

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Dead Replicas – Plastic Sun – Audio

Dead Replicas is a scouring-rock trio from England.

Dead Replicas

Dead Replicas

Drilling in to the corners of the rooms you will spot foundations flying to the ceiling as Dead Replicas find an even thicker string to the bass than is usual – which regular readers will  know I am a tad partial to hearing.

Though the bleeding thumb does draw my attention Dead Replicas are also about far more than one instrument. A drum kit that needs to be nailed to the floor before playing throbs through the ears whilst a wandering guitar that gives the sound its urban landscape trammels between brickwork and alleys whilst the vocal forewarns of impending interlocutors.

Having reformed recently from the reincarnation of The Unassisted there is evidence of musicians who know one end of the instrument from the other whilst more importantly retaining a strong anchor with their listener – I offer as an introduction to the new iteration – Plastic Sun.

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