ASTROBOY – Dead Flowers – Audio

The German maths-rock trio ASTROBOY released an eponymous EP on the 23rd.



Best to ensure you have a set-square to hand and can recall Euclidean geometry as the angular bracken’s of sound dart across the room in angry flares of fuzziness.

The five track release (available on bandcamp) fizzes out of the speakers akin to fireworks shooting from their launchers before lighting up the night sky in colourful displays of arching gunpowder.

The opener is Dead Flowers.

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Dead Flowers – Dying in the Streets – Video

Dead Flowers is a rock band from the USA.

Dead Flowers - Dying In The Streets - artwork

Dead Flowers – Dying In The Streets – artwork

Their latest single, which came out earlier this month, is Dying In The Streets.

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Dying In the Streets – Single – Dead Flowers is available on iTunes.*

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