treasureseason from Norwich in England is the ‘dancing in a trance’ duo of David Powell and Jess Bartlet.

treasureseason - dancing in a trance - from England


One thing I can assure you of with treasureseason is to turn up the bass, as the duo play much of their music in the upper octaves and without the boost of a sub-woofer you will miss much of the value. Is it dance, is it trance? A very valid question, but lean in close to your partner and move, I am sure you also will not be able to ascertain who is holding up whom, but, your body will be flowing in time with the electronic pulses.

treasureseason produce music which flows inside the mind with unsettling beats as the sounds skip across tempos, ensuring the listener stays alert to the tempestuous confusion, yet, the out-put simultaneously wrests to a continual flow of notes to which the muscles react of their own accord.

The drum-loops are set to a tempo which discombobulates the electronic notes, which gives the compositions their intrigue. A vocal floats gently betwixt the patterns of sound as treasureseason – seek at once to calm and confuse. You know what – for its very variance, there is more than a kernel of added value to the world of music and kudos to the duo for experimenting with the disparities of the timing.

Now – I am off to find out who is holding up whom as the two of us flow around the room accompanied by treasureseason

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Plus is Paul Hiller (Bass / Synth / Vocals), David Powell (Guitar / Synth / Vocals), Dave Farina (Drums / Synth / Samples / Vocals) and Cameron Gharaee (Synth / Guitar / Vocals) an electro-rock band from Los Angeles in the USA.

Plus - alt electro from the USA


It is something of a surprise to find Plus emanates from Los Angeles and good on them for challenging the local mores, as importantly, regardless of their home base there are some smartly crafted tunes to be found.

On the surface this all sounds very clean and glossy, but there is an underlying current that scratches at the veins and the mind is forced to focus and finds there is a deftly able quartet at work as they deliver music which has a liveliness to it that belies the umpteen computers being used to generate the noises to accompany drums, guitar and vocal. Avoiding the trap of ever present loops Plus use the technology intelligently so that the synthesized sounds form a framework not a focal point which enables the listener to relate to the out-put.

I am not sure what is it about this I really enjoy. Is it I feel wish that Plus just get a little bit grittier and subsume themselves in the European scene, or is it because the frothiness is just a pleasure in its own right? Either way, the material serves its purpose admirably, as I just need to hear more to keep on scratching that itch and will keep playing their music on the playlist – ‘One more time please’.


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