Las Brujas

Las Brujas is Seth Linker (Vocal /Guitar), Brian Jarmon (Vocal / Guitar), Seth Olansky (Drums) and Dave Lewis (Bass) an Indie rock group from Los Angeles in the USA.

Las Brujas - indie rock from the USA

Las Brujas

Combining shoegaze, pop and mainstream rock influences Las Brujas offer the audience an auditory experience that settles the brain. Fairly lengthy tracks which typically run in excess of five minutes are swathed in fuzz giving the music an even more extended feel as it slows down the mind. Perhaps writing the review at just turned three in on a Sunday morning exacerbates the languishing experience of listening to the quartet, however I am pretty certain regardless of the time of day, if you want to slow down the pace, Las Brujas is the band to be playing.

Whilst sounding cohesive as a unit there do seem to be three distinct elements to material. Percussion and bass forming a solid base into which the vocal and one guitar layers in the psychedelic shoegaze, the other guitar drifting into anthemic rock riffs the overall effect being one of a depth of material with diversity of experience depending on where you focus the ears.

A couple of years experience having formed in 2011 and a plenitude of releases behind them extending back to June 2012, Las Brujas have developed a quiet confidence in what they are aiming to deliver and ably interweave the different elements of the music.


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