The Flesh Eaters – My Life To Live – Audio

Thirty five years ago the sextet of Chris D, Dave Alvin, John Doe, Bill Bateman, Steve Berlin and DJ Bonebrake – the original line-up of The Flesh Eaters – from Los Angeles (USA) last recorded an album – today the line-up released the follow up alt-rock LP – I Used to Be Pretty.

The Flesh Eaters - Photo by Frank Lee Drennen
The Flesh Eaters – Photo by Frank Lee Drennen

The fire and brimstone of earlier material has been diffused in to a slowly striding thread of compositions which, though less forthright in structure, nonetheless still convey a frustration with societal structures that continue to let down other than a few.

The hindsight of three decades have a regretful air the what was wrong in the ’70s and ’80s is no better now and an acknowledgement that despite protest nothing is likely to change any time soon either as so few around the world genuinely care enough to actually do anything other than live in a mire of ever more evidently delusionary ‘I’m all right Jack’ while pointing fingers of irrelevant accusation – one is minded of Martin Niemöller.

The eleven track album is available on bandcamp.

My pick of which is the third – My Life To Live.


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