Stella Diana – Der Sandmann – Audio

The Italian darkgaze trio Stella Diana release the LP 57 on the 25th.

Stella Diana - Der Sandmann

Stella Diana

A couple of songs have arisen from the album (which is available on bandcamp) the antepenultimate of the eleven being the bowed strings infused Der Sandmann which casts their signature brooding shadow through the speakers and attests to a release which will be worth grabbing hold of later in the month.

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QTY – New Beginnings – Audio

The US darkgaze duo QTY release their eponymous LP on the 8th of December.



Alex Niemetz and Dan Lardner always allow their material plenty of space to evolve as they invite the listener to hang up their boots and take the time to enjoy the intricate fretwork, threading spinnerets, within which to become entwined. The judicious vocal switching, sometimes with only one vocal other times with two voices in one song to capture the moment, serves to make the music more intimate.

From the forthcoming album, the penultimate of the ten tracks – with just the vocals of AlexNew Beginnings.


QTY – QTY is available on iTunes.*

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