The Controversy – Dirt – Video

The US dark-wave outfit The Controversy released the single Dirt on the 17th.

The Controversy - Dirt - artwork

The Controversy – Dirt – artwork

Their music is always a pleasure to return to, with its dark gothic architecture from which the drifting vocal appears like an apparition with Dirt (available on bandcamp) being no exception in a track which is of even more brooding foundation than much of which has come previously, to which they add a touch of byzantine dome.

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Trikome with Kosmikbloom – Untouchable – Audio

The Indian dark-wave pairing of Trikome and Kosmikbloom will be releasing the EP Fat Cat tomorrow.

Trikome with Kosmikbloom - Fat Cat - artwork

Trikome with Kosmikbloom – Fat Cat – artwork

Within the past few hours the first track to surface – Untouchable – was made available.

Untouchable is a trippy track that wraps up the listener in its moody electronic glitches and shaded vocal.

Trikome social media page

Kosmikbloom social media page

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Charlatan is the dark-wave project of Omar Rashan from Seattle in the USA.

Charlatan - photo credit Shane - Thee Lord Fotog

Charlatan – photo credit Shane – Thee Lord Fotog

If ever music needed flickering candles, a foggy night and a dank cellar Charlatan is the exemplifier. Swirling electronics weave mystical shapes in the shadows as the subsumed vocal spills forth around an echoing chamber with percussion unstoppably progressing like a poorly disposed oppressor, whilst guitar flays welts into the skin.

There is a sensual beauty in the grinding melancholia that strokes the ear as Charlatan delivers a subcutaneous injection of sounds that numb into the marrow-bones whilst massaging the membrane leaving the audience mesmerised by the combinations of the dark threatening menace while simultaneously wanting to hear more of the luscious dark purple textures.

With a catalogue dating back a few years, there is plenty to enjoy and the most recent addition, the ten track LP Supermax (available on bandcamp) is more than worthy of adding to the collection for moments when you are contemplating brooding introspection. Not something to take to put on a wedding celebration playlist, rather to enjoy in company with those of darker temperament.

Whilst any track is worth a feature I particularly enjoy Every War Is A Civil War with the additional rendition of pipes, which feature more prominently towards the latter moments, giving the track an even more spectral mood.


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Monophona from Luxembourg City in Luxembourg is the dark-wave trio of Claudine Muno (Vocals / Guitar / Keys), Philippe Schirrer (Production) and Jorsch Kass (Drums).

Monophona - dark-wave from Luxembourg


Eerily enveloping the room in a cloak Monophona take over the senses with their dark presence and the only point of focus becomes the mesmeric sounds into which the mind gently merges. The trio finely balance instrumentation and electronics, with a haunting vocal that is rounded out by a beat which exudes a tribal hypnotism.

Whilst time may stand still as the brain coalesces with the sounds, the synapses are not lain to waste as the haunting out-put keeps the thought process alive with a steady feed of melancholic apparitions that take over the head.

The compositions are softly played forcing the listener to focus and it is this, alongside the moody textures that gives the audience the experience of a transcendental meditation.

Monophona have been able to bring polar opposite musical influences to form an out-fit which also has the experience to have developed strong self-belief and the musical abilities to turn that confidence into a sound that takes the listener along with them on a fascinating journey of discovery.

To add to the catalogue of material already available a new LP BlackOnBlack is scheduled for release on the 30th.


BlackonBlack – Monophona is available on iTunes.*

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DarkTrain Brighton, England based dark-wave collaboration of Lauren Bateman and Marcel Ino.

DarkTrain - dark-wave from England


Formed towards the end of last year, one half from England the other from Canada, DarkTrain fuses dance with goth to deliver dreamscape analogue synths that melt the walls in a contemplative waves of sound. Combining guitar, technology and vocal the duo are able to produce music which is heavy in atmosphere.

The compositions are gently played, giving the resulting out-put ever rolling layers of texture that the mind can feel itself becoming hypnotised by as DarkTrain slowly evolve the pieces around the audience.  This is music that can be played as an ambient mood setter or to focus upon and however served it will wend its way unerringly into the psyche.

Whilst I haven’t had the opportunity to hear much of their music, what I have heard fills me with a sense of anticipation for future tracks. Given the start, DarkTrain is a band you can expect to hear more of during 2015 and I hope to be able to tell you of a full release at some point next year.

social media page

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