Northwest – Dimaryp – Video

The England based dark-synth duo Northwest are currently working on an LP due for imminent release.

Northwest - Dimaryp


Recently returned from a tour in Italy, currently playing in the UK to be followed by a European tour later in the year they also find time to step in to the studio from time to time.

Akin to the reversal of the word Dimaryp, taken from the forthcoming album, minds of Pyramide du Louvre with changes of light and viewing angle altering the apparent shape and texture, with  the track finding the listener discovering more complexity and nuances the longer they remain.

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Trains On Fire – No Alert – Audio

Trains On Fire is a dark-synth duo from Germany.

Trains On Fire

Trains On Fire

There is an inbuilt beauty to the darkly hewn tapestry that is Trains On Fire as the dank nature of the compositions rather than chilling the spine – sense of a come-hither promise of velvet blind-fold and silk tied limbs in which the listener is invited to enter a gothic bedchamber.

Most recently released was the nine track LP, The Wheel, which came out at the tail end of last month (available on bandcamp) – a roughly forty minutes album which is best heard in company of another whilst intertwining torso.

My selection being the penultimate –  No Alert.


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Jean Koning – Truly Love The Hunt – Audio

The dark-synth creator Jean Koning from the Netherlands will be releasing the LP From The Hermit’s Bedroom in March 2017.

Jean Koning

Jean Koning

On the 19th of January – Truly Love The Hunt – taken from the album will be released as a stand alone single.

Jean delivers music of dark context and outlook, with morose vocal encased in oppressive electronica folding a melancholic embrace around the listener.

Truly Love The Hunt is a roughly three and a sixth minute track which, both,musically and vocally rumbles around the room in ever more obsessive loops as the tale unfolds of assault and social media bullying from the perspective of the perpetrator.


Truly Love the Hunt  is available on Amazon*

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Elmer & The Ceramic Trees – Two Immortals – Audio

The US dark-synth project of Robbie Haas –  Elmer & the Ceramic Trees released the LP Maps of Outer Space on the 15th.

Elmer & The Ceramic Trees - Maps Of Outer Space - CD

Elmer & The Ceramic Trees – Maps Of Outer Space – CD

Drawing reference points from Joe Meek & The Blue Boys and the ground breaking EP I Hear a New World from 1960 (fully released as an LP in 1991) through new-romanticism and early Factory Records material Elmer And The Ceramic Trees delivers music which has both reflections of the past along with a freshness of its own as the slowly fading in and out synths drift through the room to the accompaniment of scant vocal, fluted guitar, tempered percussion and vaguely gothic overlay.

My pick of the release on the ten track album (available on bandcamp), is the opener Two Immortals.

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Eternal Death

Eternal Death is the dark-synth duo of Elin Berlin and Johan Angergard who are split between Stockholm and Hässleholm in Sweden.

Eternal Death - dark-synth from Sweden

Eternal Death

Spiralling round the room like an aural aurora borealis there is an ethereal beauty to Eternal Death as the submerged sound wash around the head. Sharp beats of bass seem to shatter into infinitesimal showers of texture as they land on the ears, whilst the vocal weaves across the spectral shimmers of sound.

Eternal Death provide the audience with music in which to immerse themselves as the electronics pours wave after wave of pulsating bubbles, which always remain just out of reach allowing the tracks to be constantly replayed and on each occasion finding some new element to follow.

Within the context of the material there is a dark brooding presence that remains intangible and this gives the out-put its intoxicating quality, that wraps up both the body and mind. Eternal Death is a new entity, who you can expect to hear much more of in EDM circuit in short order along with stage presence.

A début eponymous LP affords those of more distant shores to catch Eternal Death in the early stages.

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