urall.me – thesign – Video

The Danish dystopian-industrial-wave project urall.me is set to release the début LP wat.r is free imminently.



On hitting play on the fifth of the eleven tracks – thesign – the listener is undecided upon which direction to run as an all encompassing plunger splurges out of the speakers sucking all, akin to a tsunami, as it engulfs the room and leaving merely water in its wake and revealing, as the sounds recede, unmitigated destruction in the lee of its wake which promptly settles in unconcerned balmy sunlight water, leaving the audience to pick up their own scattered pieces of their lives.


Thesign – urall.me is available on iTunes.*

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Son Of Caesar – All I Remember – Audio

The Danish alt-folk project Son Of Caesar releases the LP Nothing Is What It Was in April 2018.

Son Of Caesar - Photo credit - Lasse Lagoni

Son Of Caesar – Photo credit – Lasse Lagoni

Revealed early (available as a standalone single on bandcamp) was All I Remember which will be the fourth of the ten tracks.

Prior to advancing towards the play button ensure you have a handkerchief nearby to dry weeping eyes as the sonorous voice leads the listener on an exquisite journey of longing and loss with the wistful melodies of guitar, keys and bass create sonic layers of drifting interwoven melancholia with percussion setting a sombre framework.

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Jacob Faurholt – A Lake Of Distortion – Audio

The Danish sadcore creator Jacob Faurholt releases the LP A Lake Of Distortion on the 20th of October.

Jacob Faurholt

Jacob Faurholt

It was back on 2009 that Jacob last featured making this a long overdue update.

The ten track album (available on bandcamp) is built out of fragile architectures which captivate for their vulnerability and a just under half an hour release which fills the mind with an achingly irresistible melancholia.

The fourth song is the title track.

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Alia Fresco – Let You Go – Audio

The Danish alliterative-EDM creator Alia Fresco releases her eponymous EP on the 17th.

Alia Fresco

Alia Fresco

A four track, roughly fourteen minute, extended play that scatters shards of breaking crystal through the room leaving the listener transfixed by the rainbow colours of spectra laser induced hallucinogènes which travel through the synapses.

Alia Fresco is able to comport angular arithmetic synthetics with a translucent shimmer in which the listener becomes transmogrified by the very presence of the didactic discombobulations and leaving them hanging on the coat-hooks of the release.

My selection is the penultimate track –  Let You Go.

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Mike Tramp – Coming Home – Video

The Danish rocker Mike Tramp will be releasing the LP Maybe Tomorrow on the 24th of February.

Mike Tramp - Maybe Tomorrow - artwork

Mike Tramp – Maybe Tomorrow – artwork

It has been more than two and a half years since Mike Tramp last featured, yet unsurprisingly there is a noticeable thread of connection which is borne from the distinctive roots in American-rock. A style of music which requires no change in construct to deliver a classic sound and why it has, as a genre, stood the test of time.

Maybe Tomorrow is available for pre-order as Vinyl or CD from Target and from the release – Coming Home.

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