Allusondrugs and Adore//Repel at Long Division Music Festival 2015

It is a pleasure to introduce Wolf In The Sticks as a new writer on the site, who with his experience as an active musician in a band featured on the site, brings an insiders perspective of live music.

He desperately needed a place to publish the article, having promised Long Division it would happen and I enjoyed the tale and am sure you will too, so agreed to get it published…

Let us not tarry –or as he puts it –


Allusondrugs and Adore//Repel at Long Division Music Festival 2015

Long Division Music Festival 2015

For three weekends now I have stayed in with no money feeling miserable while all my musician buddies were jetting round Europe having the time of their lives, so this Saturday was not going to be another failed attempt of a weekend. A +one was on the cards to go and watch two of my favourite bands in Yorkshire Adore//Repel and Allusondrugs, only to find out early on Saturday morning my +one had been given to a family member (no names mentioned), so I had to think fast and plot a plan, as the 14:00 kick off for Long Division was getting way too close for comfort. Suddenly I had a light bulb moment ‘GET A PRESS PASS’ how hard could that be?


I figured I had to look the part so props were needed, having no Cannon HD camera hidden up my David Cameron, I had to settle for a 1980’s camera: No film; No battery in it and a man bag. With props in hand and in full Yorkshire banter blagging mode I ventured into Wakefield looking like a caricature of a wannabe journalist. Ticketless and slightly nervous at the thought of getting palmed at the door, but today was going to be my day and I was not going to even consider a – ‘No’.

I landed in Wakefield about 13:50 and had ten minutes to manifest these passes. Off to the Players Bar I went, my bum was squeaking walking up the West Gate towards the Players Bar. I knew Adore//Repel were playing at 17:00, so I guessed that would be the best place to start and I was right. I approached the Players Bar organiser, introducing myself as a British Indie Alternative blogger only to be told, ‘Go and see Simon at Unity Hall’. With a positive stride in my step I scampered over to Unity Hall and strolled up to the reception desk calmly stating I was from the B.I.A Facebook page and I was here to see Simon. The very nice lady at the reception responded rather dubiously (rightfully so), she nearly clicked on and foiled my plans but, she went to ask Simon if it was O.K. to have the weekend press pass for two. After a very nervous five minutes, that seemed like forever, she came back and hay presto I WAS IN.

Four hours later I was drinking neat vodka backstage with Connor the drummer from Allusondrugs (a very nice chap) and chatting to the lads from Pulled Apart By Horses.

8.5/10 – Awesome event. I would advise to go next year if you get chance and maybe I will even be legit next time sorry Long Division please don’t hold this against me.

As I am a believer in Universal Karma – every time I have offered lies, I have either ended up in the cells or in deep trouble so – here I am writing my first blog post – as promised to the Festival Organisers.


Allusondrugs - Long Division Music Festival 2015

Allusondrugs – Long Division Music Festival 2015

15:00 – Allusondrugs –  Unity Hall

Local record label Clue Records recently signed the 5 piece Allusondrugs from Castleford.

Having seen this band a year ago, I was as hooked as I was the first time my ex gave me a rimming, it felt good but wrong at the same time.

I knew they would be pumped up from their first ever gig at the Download Festival and was keen to see how much progress they had made in a year. Judging by their social media page they looked like they had been really busy doing a Kerrang tour and other headline gigs across the U.K.

As they walked on stage it was apparent they had gained more confidence (not like they lacked it before). They kicked off the show with one of my favourite songs – Stir – so I was very happy from the get go. Jason was on top form and so were the other lads. Jason (The Whirling Dervish) even at one point gave the mic a very uncomfortable looking blowjob. The rest of the gig matched the explosive start.

Sweat pooled the floor well before the gig was over – how they keep that energy up from gig to gig really does show their love for what they do.

17:00 – Adore//RepelPlayers Bar

Drums – Waggy
Lead Guitar / Vocals  – James
Rhythm Guitar / Vocals  – Daniel

Adore//Repel at Long Division Music Festival 2015

Adore//Repel at Long Division Music Festival 2015

Adore//Repel is a 3 piece (no Bass) fronted by twins Dan and James from Yorkshire and it’s very hard to pigeon-hole these boys, but for now’ I will call them post punks very own Kray Brothers –  Ronnie (Dan), Reggie (James) and Charlie (Waggy).

From listening to their music it apparent they are inspired by the suspense that movie sound tracks create – it’s almost like dance music the way it builds forever. I can even hear echoes of The Cure and Joy Division in the guitar riffs, but, with the balls of hard-core punk vocals dropping in and out throughout the songs.

When they kicked off at the Players Bar it was half full and when I managed to break from the trance like state Adore//Repel had created, I look around and the place was filled up to the rim. Strangely enough I never did miss the Bass Guitar (I hope Bassists don’t start to lose their jobs).

I can see this band gaining a cult like following – you will either get them or not – but if you don’t you’re missing out.

I managed to go out on a bender with the lads around the Festival after their performance and they told me to tell you of their new music video for Youngest Wish being released in the coming weeks and the track will be released on 7th of July. For now….

I have been Wolf In The Sticks – you have been very patient and always remember – KEEP HER / HIM MOIST.

Thanks Wolf In The Sticks and look forward to more of your take on the music scene in Yorkshire – England.

The Circus Ship

The Circus Ship – an angsty-rock band based in Glasgow, Scotland is Disa, Harald, Nils and Daniel.

The Circus Ship - angsty-rock based in Scotland

The Circus Ship

Swedish spaciousness meets The Gorbals tinged with a smattering of Celtic-rock and you just know you are in for a good time and The Circus Ship do not disappoint. The quartet hail from Sweden and on the banks of the Forth in Scotland and have taken to their adopted home with some distinction.

Underpinning the compositions lays a narrative of friction, which they are able to translate through pulsing bass / percussion that combines with a guitar framework that sweeps with echoes, which the scowling vocal unifies with anthems that demand of joining in the choruses fusing the audience immediately with The Circus Ship.

Having had the opportunity to take a listen to their back catalogue, that includes home demos which you know is always my preference to get the cut through the gloss and polish of production studio, my only sadness is that they are at present not travelling far away from their territory to get out to see them live.

For those of finer ears than my own tinnitus ringing, a recent release through Last Orders RecordsBarney (available on bandcamp) is a decent place to get to know them, particularly as it includes two live tracks out of the five. Live recording or performance is the essence of The Circus Ship, where the connection becomes strongest as it is the minor imperfections that gives the material its power.

I look forward to hearing much more and wish The Circus Ship the best in the tumult that is the music business, as they have much to add.

social media page

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Desert Ships

Desert Ships from London in England is the dream-wave trio of Mikey (Vocals / Guitar), Daniel (Bass / Vocals), and Claude ( Drums / Vocals).

Desert Ships - Skyliner - artwork

Desert Ships – Skyliner – artwork

Like the shroud of a sunlit misty breaking dawn dew, the sounds of Desert Ships invoke of out-of focus shadows as the reverb and echo athwart the music whilst the psychedelic shoegaze oozes of atrabilious reflections giving the out-put an eerily haunting texture. The trio are able to make eight minute tracks a mesmeric dreamscape and even in shorter pieces running around the four minutes mark they allow themselves plenty of space in the calmly paced compositions to allow the mind to thread through entrancing imagery.

Desert Ships is not to be taken on a strenuous work-out in the gym, rather to be savoured in languorous mood where the sounds will let the mind drift in and out of flights of fancy.

Formed a couple of years ago Desert Ships have been able to carve themselves a space of difference and are unafraid and more importantly  have the innate ability to extend their tracks to tell their story, rather than cutting to meet the demand or brevity, without loosing the connection with the listener.

Those who know the trio already will find the five track EP – Skyliner, comes out on the 10th November a more atmospheric and intense sound than previous material. The release, which runs to twenty six minutes, is sufficiently engaging to hit replay immediately to further wallow in the loops and bends of the release.

As per usual, I have managed to select a track from the release and a demo version at that – the closer – Ausgang, which isn’t quite like the rest, as this is completely without vocal and you will have noticed that there are three voices listed in the introduction and these do, in the normal course of events, blend into intoxicating harmonies


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Letters To Fiesta

Letters To Fiesta is Daniel (Drums), Andy (Bass), Tom (Guitar) and Anna (Vocals / Synth) an ambient dance band from Manchester in England.

Letters To Fiesta - alt indie from England

Letters To Fiesta

Tetchy is my middle name, as you well know and hats off to Kim from Super Cat PR who once again had to negotiate my red mist – but gladly we came to what I needed. As you will also be aware if you have been with the Indie Bands Blog stable for more than a couple of months I rarely have anything other than scant regard for PR firms and Super Cat PR is one of those very rare firms who try to meet both the band and the reviewers needs – so for a change I pass on a – do consider if you feel the need to use a PR firm – I digress – Letters To Fiesta

An exploration of the subterranean comes to mind as the quartet lever open hidden oysters which echo around the helix and targus gathering intensity prior to swooping into the tympanic membrane where the mesmeric waves of sound coalesce before flowing through the cerebrum and in turn dissapating through the whole stystema nervosa and the audience is left wreathed in the glow that is Letters To Fiesta.

Influences from 18th century Chorale and electro ’80s resonate in delightful unison as the audience lays back in a never ending circle of exploration which can’t help but captivate the mind. Bach meets Human League by way of Iceland and the 21st Century meets Letters To Fiesta.

The readers on the UK, just knew I couldn’t leave the reference to the UKs Fiesta soft-porn magazine which has been around since 1966 with the ever present comment –  the magazine for men which women love to read – and somehow the name of the band, makes some sense, though Letters To Fiesta is more ‘The band for the highbrow which the lowbrow love to listen to’ and I am happy to include myself in that latter category and not in anyway feel excluded.

A new six track release is set for release in late October – Aphorism – and having had the opportunity to take a listen, I recommend you get hold of it when it appears.

Here is the opening track – Tears Apart.


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