Roots Rising – Love Burning – Video

Roots Rising, the dancehall undecim from the Netherlands are nearing the release of their slightly delayed EP The Root Sessions now scheduled for next month.

Roots Rising - Love Burning

Roots Rising

From the five track EP a live video version of Love Burning was made available on the 8th.

While generating a good time ambience, the music always has an underpinning message of critical eye of the the ills in society.

Already securing pan European tours the release of the EP will, with fortune, raise their profile to an even broader audience.

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Roots Rising – Crisis – Video

The dancehall undecim Roots Rising from the Netherlands are finalising details of the release of the LP The Root Sessions.

Roots Rising

Roots Rising

Crisis, in a live recording, a commentary on the continuing damage of grinding the poor which is still continually justified by the 1% as necessary yet caused by the financial greed of that same 1% at the start of this decade which resulting in banks collapsing, is the second song to be to be revealed from the album.


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Bud Sugar – VIRAL – Audio

The English dancehall quintet Bud Sugar launch the EP VIRAL on the 22nd of July.

Bud Sugar - VIRAL

Bud Sugar

Setting out their stall for the summer – in advance of the release the title track has surfaced.

Wide stepping moonstomp settles around the room finding the audience joining in with the all welcoming inclusiveness.

Tweek up the speakers and boost the sub-woofers and accompany the good time reggae that is Bud Sugar.

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MrGBlaze – Wine Non Stop – Audio

MrGBlaze is a US based dancehall creator. Within the past twenty hours a new track surfaced.



Fusing a diversity of styles, always centred around a reggae base MrGBlaze creates music that has the listener waving their hips in good-time togetherness in sounds that reach out for unity in a world that so often celebrates it divisiveness.

Prior to hitting play to listen to Wine Non Stop (available on bandcamp), taken from the forthcoming LP WORLD TOUR, invite over your neighbours you have never met, by the weekend you will all be joining and having a street party with everyone feeling included.


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Morbidly O’Beat

Peta Petidis (Vocals), Valentina Griesheimer (Alto Saxophone), Nick Ingham (Trumpet), Leo Zarucky (Trombone), Paul Kascamanidis (Guitar), Emeka Anele (Bass) and Cassie Kumashov (Drums) from Melbourne in Australia form the dancehall-ska septet Morbidly O’Beat.

Morbidly O'Beat - dancehall-ska from Australia

Morbidly O’Beat – dancehall-ska from Australia

Tickle the bass a little louder than your normal setting and clear some space in which to moon-stomp before hitting play as Morbidly O’Beat deliver their sunny disposition which lights up the room in scintillating off-beat melodies. A variety of brass chorus is given room to evoke of Caribbean originating roots from which the tiered Bass fills the ears in counter-point to the breezy guitar as percussion skips through the ears from which the siren vocals draw in the listener in pouted-lips air kisses.

With limited material to hear and one five track eponymous EP (available on bandcamp) – Morbidly O’Beat is a band to get to know in their early stages of development. Already establishing a live circuit and fan-base locally the septet are an outfit with much to add the the world of music and one can only hope that the dice of the iffy world of the industry turn up with a set of sixes as they are deserving of global reach and recognition.

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