Kinky Dove

Scott Wade, Damian Ward and Sulene Fleming based in London, England, form the core of dark-synth outfit Kinky Dove.

Kinky Dove - Dark-synth from England

Kinky Dove

Performing a soundtrack to a blue-walled cellar BDSM party Kinky Dove ease the listener into spreader bars with deftness of a dominatrix. The music meanders with flicks of whips the bring pleasure, whilst demanding of obedience as vocals slide between each other akin to overlapping tongues as a symmetric, uncompromising, pace of percussion fetters the audience as guitars swirl across the room like a candle drips wax.

There is a theatrical temper to the output of Kinky Dove, which for its very extravagance, by careful composition doesn’t leave the ears drained of interest. The contrived nature of the structures are delivered by musicians with ability who are able to draw the listener into the concept rather than drive them away.

Whilst lyrically Kinky Dove challenge social mores from relationship break-ups to drug laws, it is when they are taken in musical concept that the sounds make most sense and they have much to offer as music for a moment.

No matter what else you are told by others, break out the handcuffs,  party with Kinky Dove as you will find it works. No need for cerebrum, more leather and wax.

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