The Native Cats

From Hobart in Tasmania we find the alt-indie duo of Peter Escott (Vocals) and Julian Teakle (Bass) who together with their electronics make up The Native Cats.

The Native Cats - alt indie from Tasmania

The Native Cats

Firmly rooted like a solid oak tree in the lower registers The Native Cats captivate with their intriguing compositions. Two players who remind me of Joy Division and vocal a la Ian Curtis – how could it not be of interest? Snaking across the room, the music wends its way into the bones before it reaches the ears and the body is left in fluviolacustrine ebb and flow.

The floating sinews of sound coalesce into spectral shapes and the listener can’t help but become engaged. These are highly capable musicians who have been able to graft new wave with isotronics to deliver a sound that peps as it rehydrates the mind, as it leaks the soul in a meandering malaise of momentum. Or to put it another way, the ebb  flow of the music sucks in the audience.

I don’t often find myself in Tasmania, however when I do, there is some top notch music which encapsulates in a microcosm like a coral reef the brightest and most captivating there is to find in underground bands. It is perhaps the scarcity of these jewels that keeps many Island Nations as stunning places to explore.

Some may find it too much of a sound alike, but to my mind this is PIL and Joy Division wrapped up in one for the 21st Century and a real pleasure to add to the website.


Dallas – The Native Cats is available on iTunes*

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