Bloody Death Skull

Bloody Death Skull a new-wave band from Los Angeles in the USA centres around the duo of Daiana Feuer and Gerard Olsen.

Bloody Death Skull - Photo Credit - Joe Cortez of Celluloid Annoyed

Bloody Death Skull – Photo Credit – Joe Cortez of Celluloid Annoyed

I have, for a few months now, been meaning to write this article, but time and tide and all that means it is slightly delayed.

Grabbing what appears on cursory glance to be a random selection of noise making things from a bootsale job lot Bloody Death Skull have the ability to turn the abstruse in to music that you just never want to end and despite there being four years of back catalogue – when you reach the conclusion the immediate thought is – please there must be more, somewhere, that I have missed.

The laid back temper seeps like a shot of dopamine in to the brain by which the listener descends like an incoherent rambling addict chasing their next fix as the singular vocals are surrounded by a mix of torques and pressures via instrumentation, percussion and synthesis in a dreamy hypnosis.

Bloody Death Skull produce music which, if the world were a more just place, would be streaming, as part of every day life, across the networks to replace the anodyne wallpaper which currently plasters itself in that space.

I often hear criticism by those who quite evidently only ever listen to music churned out by the factory production line of major labels who lament that music has become turgid and un-inventive. My advice being – any time you hear anyone positing that thought redirect them to Bloody Death Skull.

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