We Deserve This – Daydream – Audio

We Deserve This is the instrumental solo project of Jan-Dirk Platek from Germany.

We Deserve This - Silencer - Cassette

We Deserve This – Silencer – Cassette

A limited run of cassettes of the LP Silencer has just been released through Crowquill Records, a label often featured.

Track two of the six on the twenty five minute release is Daydream.

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Búho an industrial rock trio from San Antonio in the USA is Brad Angotti (Guitar / Vocals), Mauricio Gudiño Jr. (Drums) and Andrew Elizalde (Bass).

Búho - industrial rock from the USA

Búho – photo credit Josh Huskin

Like heavy steel girders looming up above, Búho have an industrial oppressiveness which immediately works its way under the skin as the trio provide music which broods darkly into the room. Tracks pull in references from a range of genres whilst standing iconically individualistic. The relentless mechanistic progressions hammer the head into submission and the audience is left in no doubt that this is a sound intended to reflect of the current status quo.

Somewhat experimental in nature the trio do not take that path too far so the listener is able to focus on the direction of the material whilst enjoying and revelling in the side-steps.

There are times when gloom and doom is a perfect space in which to wallow with music and Búho give no avenue of escape with their troubling, rumbling wall of sound.

A re – mixed / recorded and mastered version of their 2012 EP Beggars Teeth is on release through Crowquill Records which will also be available as a limited run cassette.


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