Cross Wires – We Call The Shots – Audio

The début LP by the English new-wave quartet Cross Wires was first signposted last year.

Cross Wires - We Call The Shots

Cross Wires

News surfaces of the track We Call The Shots (due to be on the album) which will itself be released as a stand alone single on the 21st.

Boot your speakers across the room to ensure they are fully fired as you yank up the volume controls as to not have soundwaves which are bulging the window glass is to be approaching the output from the the wrong direction. Only thereafter worry about the ceiling height and potential damage to the fabric of the roof – as the two and a tad minutes track will have you leaping in delighted pogo with arms raised aloft.

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Cross Wires – Slow Waves – Audio

The English new-wave quartet Cross Wires are finalising details of their début LP due for release in 2017.

Cross Wires - Slow Waves

Cross Wires

From the forthcoming album – Slow Waves has recently been revealed. A piece, whilst still brandishing spikes out of the speakers, has calmer feel to it as the bass / percussion combinations which usually sit at the forefront of the sound take a back seat as the just over two minutes and fifty one seconds revolve around a fuzzy white-hot guitar with steel from the drum kit playing rhythm section.

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Band of the Month – July 2016 – Editors’ Choice

After having once again had the opportunity to listen to some great bands – thanks to all the creators – it is time for the Editors’ Choice For Band Of The Month for July.

Cross Wires - I Want Radio / Pink Dogs - artwork

Cross Wires – I Want Radio / Pink Dogs – artwork

From England –  a band first featured in 2013 who release the AA single I Want Radio / Pink Dogs on the 8th of August – Cross Wires.

I Want Radio / Pink Dogs is available on Amazon.*

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Cross Wires – I Want Radio – Audio

The English new-wave band Cross Wires will be releasing the AA side single I Want Radio/Pink Dogs on the 8th of August.

Cross Wires - I Want Radio

Cross Wires

To surface a couple of hours ago – I Want Radio – which reminds me of every reason why they were first featured in 2013.

What is of less certainty is why there have been so few tracks over the intervening years. Many of the tracks previously featured have been removed by Cross Wires, which normally indicates a new formation – in this case the line-up remains identical. I will come back with news of what happened as I am able. For now – put on the 14-hole DMs and turn up the volume.

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Cross Wires – Your History Defaced – EP Review

Cross Wires – from England released their five track EP Your History Defaced on the 8th.

Cross Wires - Your History Defaced - artwork

Cross Wires – Your History Defaced – artwork

Cross Wires continue to accommodate those who don’t get to  opportunity to see them live, with their second EP this year.

Opening with Modern Art – which finds the band subtly shifting tempo though the track, which gives it an impressive engagement to it. Given that this is a piece in which the framework is well spaced and slower than much of what has come before it is a smart choice for the opener, finding the quartet in a surprising place.

Next up is Shades Of Dark And Blue – which has a ska / mod temperament which can’t help but leave your body joining in with the activity. This a track which has the hallmarks of what I first recall on coming across Cross Wires last year, a short song – a shade under three minutes – with much going on inside its brevity and an immediate need to hit replay.

Following is the delightful Tab Clear – which is even briefer and a piece I particularly enjoy as the band condense everything inside measured pace, which packs a punch – they even manage to split the song in two. I am minded of evaporated milk – and the reason I enjoy the music by the quartet so much. Everything is there and for its very concentration extracts the vital ingredients and flavour in full, without any need to be anything other than what it is.

To counter-balance – a song that extends to over four minutes follows and is my pick of Your History Defaced – Last Stand. This finds Cross Wires demonstrating their versatility and compositional abilities and is my pick of the release due to the fact that it finds the out-fit demonstrating something new, without loosing the essence of who they are. If this song doesn’t find them gaining considerable ground and visibility – it is yet another indictment of the music industry – not their abilities.

Concluding with Vultures which was showcased last month – when Your History Defaced was still an un-named EP.

In addition to the sheer effervescence of the music, it is the speed of release that impresses me. Recorded this summer and out in September – there are many bands who I trip over that finally release something that was recorded as a concept a year earlier and as you know, patience is not a virtue of mine.

I hope this does well for Cross Wires as the EP is well structured with a range of ideas that showcases the collective talent, affording common ground for those who are used to brief songs, whilst clearing exposing their abilities to play far longer pieces and still retain an engaged audience.

Your History Defaced is available on bandcamp.

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