New Year Ninety 2017 – 70 to 61

Without you as a reader the site wouldn’t exist. Thank you and I hope you continue to find more bands of interest during the rest of 2017, many of whom to be featured haven’t yet formed.

The New Year Ninety from 70 – 61.

Shah - New Year Ninety 2017


70. Rumours (Australia)

The View From Here – EP – Rumours is available on iTunes.*

69. Shah (Canada)

Don’t Do It Mandela – Shah is available on iTunes.*

68. Dishy Tangent (England)

67. Soul Alliance (USA)

Critical Phases (EP) – Soul Alliance is available on iTunes.*

66. The Deadheads (USA)

Holy Smokes is available on bandcamp

65. Bandintexas (Australia)

The ABCD-EP – Bandintexas is available on iTunes.*

64. The Young Step (USA)

El Clásico – The Young Step is available on iTunes.*

63. The Falling (England)

Just So You Know is available on bandcamp

62. Izzy (USA)

61. Cave Wars (England)

Cave Wars is available on bandcamp

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Soul Alliance – Pig Pen – Audio

The US rock band Soul Alliance released their début Critical Phases EP on the 1st.

Soul Alliance

Soul Alliance

Newly out of the blocks and sounding as though they are from the whisky soaked era of ’70s rock, how could I not recommend you getting to know Soul Alliance in the early stages of their development.

The penultimate of the five tracks Pig Pen sounds asthough it has been delivered from inside a cask we all wish we were in too – as the fused sounds slide around the walls. However, they are far more than a throw-back as they introduce some intriguing light acoustic, almost Spanish Guitar, strumming to give the heavy passages a distinct point of difference.

Beginning to surface with some live performances locally in their hometown of Pittsburgh, if you are in the vicinity, I recommend having a look at the diary. For those of us further away Critical Phases is one to add to the collection and trust they will soon be touring somewhere within reach in short order, for when nothing other than a faded leather jacket will serve purpose.

If I have a minor criticism, it is one that established readers will understand is always irksome to me – those backward facing ‘baseball hats’ please no – and no again.

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Critical Phases (EP) – Soul Alliance is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.