Lëura – Skeleton Swoon – Video

Since introducing the Australian melancholic-rock creator Lëura last year – an LP – Creature of Sight appeared earlier this year.

Lëura - Creature Of Sight - artwork

Lëura – Creature Of Sight – artwork

From the eight track album (which is available on bandcamp) the fourth – Skeleton Swoon.

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Lëura from Sydney in Australia is an alt-rock singer songwriter.

Lëura - alt-rock from Australia


Melancholic sounds emanate from the speakers as Lëura describes a world which hasn’t delivered soft hammer blows and
this searching for answers is reflected in the emotional directness of the music. Whilst you certainly wouldn’t be taking this off the shelves for a birthday bash, neither is it music which has you reaching for a noose.

The fragile compositions feels as though they will shatter into shards of glass at any moment as the poignant material winds its way on the mind of the listener. Balancing the contexts of the songs so as not to fall into self-pity is a skilful art and one which Lëura capably negotiates enabling the audience to connect rather than feel as an awkward bystander. The haunting beauty of the tracks leaves the music playing in the head long after the sounds have faded to silence.

To be found playing live with a full-band there is also a début eight track LP Creature of Sight set for release later this year.

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