toledo – Crane Song – Audio

The US atmospheric-folk quartet toledo are finalising details for their début LP Saint Sebastian.



The first song to surface from the album, Crane Song, was also released yestarday as a stand alone single.

Taking an open folk architecture toledo fill the spaces with luscious dreamy scapes of echoing delay through which acoustic guitar winds. The song is very much one of three thirds as part way through the song the tempo and atmosphere changes to a latin-blues filled middle section prior to closing with a dream sequence.


Crane Song – Single – Toledo is available on iTunes.*

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Crane Song – Stay Sweet – Audio

The US garage-grunge trio Crane Song released the LP Stay Sweet on the 11th.

Crane Song

Crane Song

This is either an LP you will immediately be captivated by or will never get in to as the out of tune and out of time sounds careen against each other with no attempt at finesse.

On hitting play you will either run for the door to bang your head against or be caught up in the fascinating conundrum of it all and given that I am asking you to consider taking a listen to the just under forty five minutes of the bakers dozen track album lets you know where I sit in that equilibrium.

My pick of the Say Sweet album (available on bandcamp) is the sixth and title track.

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