Conus – Han Är Nära – Single Review

The Swedish prog-rock sextet Conus revealed the single Han Är Nära on the 29th of August.



Han Är Nära is an intriguing, margin over eight minutes song, which takes the listener on an extensive journey.

Opening with harmonies of acoustic guitar and flute the memory is drawn to Jethro Tull and tales of faeries only for that thought to be dispelled a few bars later as foot stomping spanish guitar swirls on to the floor all to merge in to a CinemaScope of sound as electronic washes, percussion and the ever changing-shape of guitar threads through the ear, by which time the audience has learnt not to attempt to anticipate what may next be coming out of the kit-bag, which contains a veritable orchestra of instruments with strings, bows, keys, reeds, diverse percussion and a very occasional vocal section surfacing within the imaginative composition.

Not music to hurry off to a meeting after hearing rather a track that allows the mind to wander off in to speculative imagination and become somewhat intractable when logical thoughts are demanded too soon afterwards.

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