Sahara Breeze

Sahara Breeze is an indie-gaze trio from Cheltenham in England comprising Conal, Connor and Matt.

Sahara Breeze

Sahara Breeze

Why the image of four players you may well ponder… in a slight hiatus in their development the original drummer John is heading off to University, just at the moment they released their début eponymous EP – such is the life of many of the bands who feature on the site as you know – with change in personnel.

Rather than folding up the cases Sahara Breeze are working with session drummers whilst searching for a permanent replacement and judging by the four tracks I have been able to hear, this is a good thing for the world of music as potentially they have much to add.

Sahara Breeze are able to transpose reflections of ’60s mod with ’90s indie and add drips of magic mushroom tea to deliver music which revolves around a spindle. If you were looking for a band who should be putting out vinyl with purple inlays – these are the trio who produce music that works.

I am looking forward to future development of Sahara Breeze who, like a sirocco, streams across the room leaving sand abrasions on the walls.

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Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks from Chicago in the USA is the garage rock quartet of Cadien, Clay, Connor and Jack.

Twin Peaks - Garage Rock from the USA

Twin Peaks

There is an intriguing sound that wends it’s way to the ears on listening to Twin Peaks. Influences from ’70s English blues rock intermingle with USA ’80s new wave and a dash of 60’s psychedelia, resulting in the audience being provided with powerful under-tows of guitar driven rock.

An already established fan-base will no doubt find the ranks further swollen with the release of their most recent sixteen track LP – Wild Onion which came out on the 5th of this month.

The quartet play with assured confidence which enables them to concentrate of performance, not technique and this allows Twin Peaks to make most of the well structured compositions. Whilst they have developed a smoother and more rounded sound than is normally found in the genre, they have not steered away from their roots and bubbling away inside the tracks are the gruffer seams, which give the band the ability to attract audiences both with and without an affinity to garage rock. Given the nature of the influences drawn by the song-writers the music equally transcends geography.

If there is justice in the music industry – Twin Peaks is a band you will hear much more of in the none too distant future.


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