Cavalcade is the alt-rock quartet of Jack Campbell (Vocals / Guitar), Connor Duggan (Vocals / Guitar), Jack Lock (Drums) and Tom Nunn (Bass) from London in England.

Cavalcade - alt-rock from England


Formed last year Cavalcade are still tentatively finding their feet with sparse live appearance and less than a handful of tracks for those of us further afield to hear – sometimes when you hit play you know you just never want it to stop and such is the case with these guys.

With songs ranging from the jocular and easy going to fulminating coils of invective they are able to deliver expressive combinations which bounce off the walls and straight in to the limbic system as swarming bass pulverises the speakers whilst guitars leaps through the room as though a wild animal released from a cage with vocals spinning in pleasured freedom as pulsating percussion ensures everything is tightly knit.

I am merely hoping that the quartet recognise they have done enough practising and spend far more time in getting their music heard than only hearing it themselves. I mark Cavalcade as a band to keep a look out for as long as in the very near future they are able to get over their own temerity, as they have nothing that needs to still be hidden under a bushel.

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