Gena Rose Bruce – Coming Down – Single Review

The Australian sorrowful-rock creator Gena Rose Bruce releases the single Coming Down tomorrow.

Gena Rose Bruce

Gena Rose Bruce

A scrunched blues-ballad of dour soundtrack (available on bandcamp) that for its tears fills the listener with a feeling of sorrowful remorse as it strides though the room stamping dark footprint in its wake and the audience, if they have ever lived a real life, finds commensurate reflective connectivity and is unlikely to leave anyone who actually is sentient with a dry eye by its conclusion as it spears of the foibles of the realities of daily life, where what seems so opportune at one moment, on reflection surfaces as a tragedy of self-inflicted harrowing maligned connections. Yet, for its very sadness of trope leaves each and all feeling a sense of catharsis and quiet recomposition of being.

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Blind Motive

Blind Motive is the sleaze-rock trio of Phil, Guy and Frankie from Brighton in England.

Blind Motive - sleaze rock from England

Blind Motive

With only a few tracks to hear I am unable to offer you much to consider, other than – if you are not in to them today, you will be far too late tomorrow.

Pulverising hip thrusts pump from the speakers akin to a glory-hole bukkake party as Blind Motive combine to shower the audience in warm jets of sound that spray the audience with satiation. Underpinning the groaning tumescence is a sentient sense of isolated desire as the trio speak of a world in which self adulation is merely a yawning chasm of cohesive approachability.

The grumbling bass scowls across the room, whilst the percussion speaks of malevolent discontent as the guitar ejaculates endless fluids of infected venom from which the vocal excoriates of lovingly mendacious commentary.

There is a reason I am minded of Ilona Staller as Blind Motive enunciate the facile nature of the isolated world referenced by Cicciolina in which the ’10s exist as their music commentates upon the egregious world in which we live.

The only sadness of the out-put of Blind Motive – there is little yet arrived.


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